Bloom Return / Refund / Exchange Policies


Bloom‘s 200% cash back with no restrictions make this one of the best return policies in existence anywhere.

Policy Statement

What if I’m not satisfied with a Bloom product?

If you purchase a fresh Bloom produce (Deli, Bakery, Produce, Seafood, etc.) and you’re not 100% satisfied, please bring back the receipt and the remaining portion of the product and we’ll refund 200% of the purchase price back to you.” – Bloom website

Quick Facts

Time Limit


Receipt Required


Restocking Fee


Refund / Exchange

 Double value (200%) refund

Original Packaging Required

 No, yes for jewelry

Probability of Success



  • None


  • None

More Information

Please refer to “What if I’m not satisfied with a Bloom product?” on the Blom website.