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This is an easy return policy with a 90 day return policy. Returning without a receipt will result in the lowest sale price being refunded; since no time window is specified the difference in price can be substantial (e.g. boxing day sale price).

Policy Statement

“Home Outfitters Return Policy

Merchandise can be returned / exchanged with a receipt up to 90-days if purchased with an Hbc Credit Card or Hbc MasterCard.

Merchandise can be returned / exchanged with a receipt up to 30-days if paid for with any other tender type and the refund amount will be applied back to the original tender. After 30-days, and up to a period of 90-days, the refund will be applied to an Hbc Gift Card.

Merchandise returned with a Gift Enclosure receipt will be refunded to an Hbc Gift Card within 90 days of purchase.

Merchandise returned / exchanged without a receipt will be applied to an Hbc Gift Card at the lowest sale price. For audit purposes, customers will be asked to provide their name, address and telephone number. Valid photo ID may also be required.

Price adjustments will be made with a receipt, within 14 days of purchase. Adjustments will not be made for coupon offers or on clearance merchandise.

Refunds / exchanges are not permitted after the allowable return period.

See in-store for other exceptions and details. – Home Outfitters web site

Quick Facts

Time Limit

  90 days Hbc credit card, 30 days electronic or seasonal

Receipt Required


Restocking Fee

  Returned items may be subject to a restocking fee

Refund / Exchange

  Refund or exchange at customer’s option

Original Packaging Required


Probability of Success



  • All returned items must be in their original state, with all tickets attached and deemed by the Bay to be unworn / undamaged


  • Some sales and service charges are final and cannot be refunded

More Information

  1. Home Outfitters Return Policy on the Home Outfitters website