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Price Chopper Return / Refund / Exchange Policies


A 14 day return period for non-perishable products. No policy for perishable products is specified.

Policy Statement

“What is your product return policy?

The full value of a non-perishable product will be refunded within 14 days of purchase when accompanied by a receipt and the product. If the purpose of your return relates to the quality of a national brand item, we suggest you contact the company that manufactured the product directly. Manufacturers are the experts on their own products and welcome customer feedback. – Price Chopper web site

Quick Facts

Time Limit

  14 days

Receipt Required


Restocking Fee


Refund / Exchange

  Refund or exchange at customer’s option

Original Packaging Required


Probability of Success



  • None


  • None

More Information

  1. FAQs on the Price Chopper web site

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